Has Penelope met lots of people who had been "cured" of their toxicomania by Narconon?
There is no chance that Miss Cruz has ever been able to control the success rate of Narconon, this anti-scientific process of scientology to cure druggies. Indeed, we know that studies after studies done by people who had access to the processes and leiterature of Narconon, Purificvation Rundown, Electrometer, and
And if pedalling is like walking on the moon?
Humans are designed to walk not to ride a bicycle! LUNA LANDER is a new vehicle, of a natural evolution of cycling technology, redesigned to obtain the maximum yield of the human engine within the body-machine interaction. In agreement with the inherited general ergonomic architecture and which has been historically
Could Future Depend On Outer Space Love Garment Built for Two?
A movies and book poet presents a garment for outer space couples. A garment designed by a poet to facilitate coupling in weightless space environments was presented during a "Sex in Space" panel of experts at the NewSpace 2006 conference in Las Vegas sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation, an
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom, 5th July 2006 - A new consumer electronic device has been launched which can help people improve their brain function for better mental fitness.
The Brain Buddy™ has been launched by Life Systems International (LSI). It is an audio-visual stimulation* (AVS) system which can improve the way the brain works. This is a natural and non-invasive way of training the brain. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom, 5th July 2006 - A new consumer electronic
Wonderful saurs
290 million years old amphibians from permian Wiesbaden - Wonderful saurs are specialities by the online-shop Founder of this online-shop is the German science-author Ernst Probst from Mainz-Kostheim, a part of the city of Wiesbaden. He wrote many articles and books about saurs, dinosaurs and other fossils. Ernst Probst sells