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Sapce Junkies Interview Wednesday Elektra [Wednesday]: Mike, please introduce us to your band and tell us a little bit about how everything fell together. Mike Korzek [Mike]: First off, I have been playing and writing music for quite awhile now. I began learning to play guitar when my brother brought
Kryme Life (Wu-Tang/Theodore Unit/T.M.F.) - Knowledge, Rhyme & Life Interview with Wu-International. Rap / Hip-hop
Read Knowledge, Rhymes and Life interview by Kryme Life Of Wu-Tang/Theodore Unit/TMF and learn the true meaning behind the name and why Kryme Life is Staten Island's, Wu-Tang & hip-hop's best kept secret. When one hears the name Kryme Life, a number of negative assumptions quickly springs to mind, The
Shawn Wigs (Theodore Unit / Othorized Fam) Interview
Shawn Wigs Of Ghostface's (Wu-Tang Clan) Theodore Unite and Othorized Fam breaks down the meaning of Wigganomics. Ghostface Killah introduced the world to his new group Theodore Unit with the compilation in 2004 "718". The group is made up of a collection of like minded lyricists and includes Trife Da
Janan Harb's story of her life with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia is now reaching the public domain after years of secrecy.
Janan's fascinating story of her life with a King has caught the imaginations of people all over the world. The love story of a beautiful young girl and a handsome prince has caught the attention of the media at home and abroad. A three page article has been published in
Janan Harb seeks to tell her story, the story of a fairy tale that turned to sadness and exile and which is now a final quest for fair treatment.
Janan Harb's story is a fascinating one and continues today. It is a fairy tale of love as a cherished wife and carer, confidante and loyal supporter of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. This was no ordinary man, not only was he King but along with this honour