Dr Alex Eskander pioneers a bespoke service for women seeking quick, sympathetic confidential, gynaecological advice and treatment.
The area of gynaecological medicine is being revolutionised by a clinic in Harley Street, London. The Gynae Centre is a clinic offering gynaecological advice with a reputation based on 6 years of experience and quality care - but its founder, Dr Alex Eskander has seen a need in his patients
New model for children and young adults
The new Desang Slim model in plastic is great for kids. On the front, a see-through window lets them add in pictures and personalize it so it fits in with their tastes, be it Barney, Barbie, Batman, Barbarella or Brad Pitt. Desang Ltd sells kitbags for people with diabetes -
Lose Weight and Gain Energy Between Halloween and New Years!
From Halloween candy to New Years cocktails, we are approaching the time of year when Americans start packing on the pounds. This is also the season of stress and fatigue. The good news is that you can indulge in a few holiday treats and actually drop fat and gain
Quit Smoking and loose weight!
What is the reason when you quit smoking that can possibly cause you to gain weight. There is a connection between the nicotine you inhale and your blood sugar. Most people want to stop smoking but the fear of weight gain keeps stops them. The negative impacts of smoking on
Dickless Infant Posts Bullshit on Gossip Site
"Is Mommy Not Home", wonders Internet Renknowned-In-His-Own-Mind shut in, who Datalounge Troll Detection Team says is likely FP549 aka Twinkster aka Sunday Night Troll has once again been posting his masturbatory fantasies for all the world to see. It begins, as always with a fake news posting followed by the inevitable
Children given answer to cancer and obesity
Children can be placed in a quite a quandary when warned to keep out of the sun to avoid potential skin cancer problems later in life yet play outdoors to prevent obesity, says Mark Glynn - an Australian who has a practical solution to this somewhat perplexing problem. Mark, who manufactures
Dudur brings luxury marine slimming and anti-cellulite treatments directly to consumer's homes.
Dudur announces revolutionary approach in slimming and anti-cellulite skin care. Innovative slimming body care line is one step further to focus on individual skin beauty concerns. Dudur brings luxury marine slimming and anti-cellulite treatments, that historically were only available in expensive thalassotherapy spas and resorts, directly to consumer's homes. 'Now
New Contest Awards Affiliates for Blogs is awarding $1,000 total to the affiliates that create the best dental blog. Dania, FL - September 12, 2006 -, a leading online provider of discount dental plans, recently developed a new contest encouraging affiliates to create dental-related blogs or online journals. affiliates participating in the "I'm
Uriflow is a scientifically proven proprietary formula created by BioNeutrix Labs to effectively eliminate and prevent the recurrence of kidney stones.
Quality ingredients with their healing and curative properties combined with unique methodologies render Uriflow as the permanent therapy for kidney stones. This concoction is pure and natural created out of herbal extracts, water extracts and certain alcoholic extracts from exclusive herbs. The product is clinically proven and over 80,000 people
VARDA Biotech
VARDA Biotech (P) Ltd. is a technology based and knowledge driven enterprise, offering integrated products and services in Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. VARDA Biotech (P) Ltd. is a technology based and knowledge driven enterprise, offering integrated products and services in Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. VARDA Biotech provides higher end collaboration for the