World Jazz Vocalist Lua Hadar In First Salon Concert Of New Studio NPG
Pure voice and elegant jazz piano are in store as a new San Francisco studio presents its first Salon Concert. Lua Hadar, multilingual world jazz vocalist and the Founder and Creative Director of Studio NPG, takes the petite stage in a duo concert with Dr. Jason Martineau: pianist, composer
Demented Disco Pop Artist BLOND Goes Viral
British’s very own Demented Disco Pop artist, BLOND, recently released her first radio single, “Watcha Gonna Do About It?” raising eyebrows on the internet with it’s London style and Hollywood glitz. Best associated to Lady Gaga’s earlier raw sounds, the catchy hit is amongst others on her self-titled debut
Geri Halliwell's 'nanny' arrested
Gerri Halliwell made allegations that her then 3-month-old daughter Bluebell Madonna was left "bruised and bawling" after being let in the care of a golf course employee, a temporary staff member, in August. And, now police have confirmed the arrest of the woman involved. An official police statement reads, "A
Justin Timberlake considers quitting music!
Justin Timberlake is considering quitting the music business after just two solo albums. According to reports, "he's sick of unwanted attention from female fans. " Guess he prefers the attention of male fans. He says, "I've had bottles of pee thrown at me, and had girls try to tear my
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's bodyguard roughs up photographer
An incident between a bodyguard of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and photographer Sam Relph of Barcroft Media turned physical on Saturday. It occurred when Pitt and Jolie were leaving their hotel in India. Relph was quoted as saying of the bodyguard, "He said if I took his pictures he
The Impact Of Hurricane Katrina Cannot Be Underestimated
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY--October 9, 2006--Producer/Writer/Director/Actor Emmitt Thrower and his non-profit organization Wabi Sabi Productions are bringing social issues to the stage in New York City with Katrina: A Whole Lotta Water. The play is an effective combination of stage acting and music to bring awareness to the
This Is Music That Transcends All Age Barriers And Genres
Los Angeles--CA--October 09, 2006--Still Waters do indeed run deep on Louise Setara's maiden voyage into the world of recorded music. Louise has been singing since the tender age of three, and fifteen years later-a culmination of an entire lifetime jells into one impressive debut album. Still Waters was released September
Aaron Carter puns his so-called Rival
In the ashes of Aaron Carter's to his girlfriend, Kari Ann Peniche, Aaron Carter releases his first statement about the claimed fight at the Las Vegas Nightclub "Rain" with fellow musician and Parys Sylver. When asked did he and Sylver get into a post-VMA scuffle he answered sarcastically with "Isn't
Calling on Indie Bands and New Artists - Upload your Music for Free and Win a Guitar for Most Sent MP3 Musicgrams, a free music promotion site featuring MP3 music uploads and Musicgrams, calls on indie bands and artists to participate in the online contest starting October 16 - December 11, 2006. The band or artist with the most sent Musicgrams during the contest period will win a guitar for Christmas,
Tony Curtis, Thinking Inside the Box
For 50 years, art has been the secret inspiration behind Tony Curtis' life. This is part of one of a three part article where Tony Curtis discusses life, art and box assemblages For 50 years, art has been the secret inspiration behind Tony Curtis' life. This is part of one