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Dickless Infant Posts Bullshit on Gossip Site
Dickless Infant Posts Bullshit on Gossip Site
"Is Mommy Not Home?", wonders Internet
( 2006-09-27) "Is Mommy Not Home", wonders Internet
Renknowned-In-His-Own-Mind shut in, who Datalounge Troll Detection Team says is likely FP549 aka Twinkster aka Sunday Night Troll has once again been posting his masturbatory fantasies for all the world to see.

It begins, as always with a fake news posting followed by the inevitable 'stepping up' post which further engorges his 2 inch penis to its full turgidity.

While slapping his vaseline covered micromeat (he is forced to use his mommies Vaseline as he is too cowardly, not to mention housebound to go buy his lubricant like an adult) with ferocity, this person somehow thinks they are clever or heaven forbid, funny.

He lacks real personal interaction skills and therefore must vent out his frustrations on the good people of

"I wish my little boy would buy himself a hooker or even one of those 'pocket pussies' so he could get a fucking life", said his mother who went on to say that her son's Mt.Dew and Twinkie bills alone were causing her great anguish.

It is only hoped that he "takes the gaspipe" as his hero and nemesis, David E. is known as saying.

When asked for comment, David said, "Look, I'm too busy writing real articles and books and actually getting published to worry about this person". Mr.E unfortunately had to cut the interview short as he had an appointment with someone to have actual sex with another person. Something the troll knows nothing about.

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