Penelope Cruz believes the lies of
Has Penelope met lots of people who had been "cured" of their toxicomania by Narconon?
( 2006-08-09) There is no chance that Miss Cruz has ever been able to control the success rate of Narconon, this anti-scientific process of scientology to cure druggies.
Indeed, we know that studies after studies done by people who had access to the processes and leiterature of Narconon, Purificvation Rundown, Electrometer, and other devices used by scientology to "help" druggies have conclusively shown that :

- the success rate of the process was quite under a mere placebo (it has been calculated as under 10 %)

- parts are very dangerous, and the process has already killed a number of clients

- the allegations of the process about the effects of drugs are oftent fantsay

- the allegations about the way such process works are anti-scientific.

- and finally, most money done from the process goes into large scientology pockets to develop its clientele by adding more advertising and more packs of lies to the prospective publics.

In no way Miss Cruz could have been informed about the scientology cult true intentions and aims, neither could she have observed what we have seen.

Therefore, when she says that Narconon has helped thounsads of people to get off drugs, she announces a small part of the facts.

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