LUNA LANDER: A New Mobility Concept
And if pedalling is like walking on the moon?
And if pedalling is like walking on the moon?
LUNA LANDER walks in Milan
( 2006-08-04) Humans are designed to walk not to ride a bicycle!
LUNA LANDER is a new vehicle, of a natural evolution of cycling technology, redesigned to obtain the maximum yield of the human engine within the body-machine interaction.

In agreement with the inherited general ergonomic architecture and which has been historically consolidated, the three contact points (man-machine) have been almost entirely remodelled, having studied them in such a way to help and follow as much as possible the motorial conditions of human nature.

After 3 years of studying and tests we realize that such maximum yield, nonetheless performance (speed-distance-time), is undeniably correlated, as per human logic, with a state of 'wellbeing- which excludes any state of pain or suffering, and in particular:

-the inferior limbs, which are the principal motorial engines, enjoy the best feeling of relaxation excluding muscular intoxication

-the perinea and vaginal areas do not suffer any discomfort of pressure

-the posture of the entire body benefits the best ergonomic state

The consequences of which are, for example:

-minimum consumption brings maximum autonomy

-following the natural motorial stages, the use of turning friction (wheel) also become advantageous uphill

-the metabolic state isn't altered, indeed it maintains its natural state

-the absence of all residual intoxications frees, and make available all the endorphins naturally produced during any motorial exercise

-in such conditions the physical exercise easily become desirable and gratifying


LUNA LANDER Technologies have several international patents pending. The technology core is a pedalling system that removes the 'antimotorial- effect that we suffer during the pushing pedalling action, permitting an efficient, smooth and natural movement, closer to the human walking attitudes.

The leg-ankle angle controlling-stabilizer system avoids to contract useless muscles during the stroke movement. The changes in the bodies' barycentre have then permitted to re-design the other two contact points: the handlebar and saddle, to offer a comfortable ergonomic position on the new vehicle.

The LUNA LANDER project, financed by an Italian company pool, has been developed, as for other important projects, in the Applied Research and Development centre of DY&VY SRL and SPECIALITIES srl, chosen for the skills and competences of the work team, and in particular of Mr. Francesco Cozzo and Mr. Fabrizio Belli that have followed directly the development and realization.

The technology, covered by several international patents, is ready to be industrialized and marketed by DY&VY, also if the company management believes that, in consideration of the strength of the innovation and the LUNA LANDER market potentiality, it will be possible to make agreements and partnerships with leading companies.

LUNA LANDER is waiting for you for the 'walk-'

On the Moon, obviously!

DY&VY srl

Fabrizio Belli
Managing Director
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Fabrizio Belli
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